The Westwater Elevator, New York City NY, March 2014

A Long Ride Home, New York, 2014

Why The Long Face, New York City NY, 2014

Strangeness at the New, New York City NY, 2014

Above the Canal, Venice Italy, August 2013

Where Nature Meets Infrastructure, Syracuse NY, January 2013

Five, Five Dollar Car Wash, Syracuse NY, January 2013

Self-absorbed, Siena Italy, August 2013

The Crucifixion, Venice Italy, August 2013

Canal Boat (Color), Venice Italy, August 2013

Divers Below, Gloucester MA, October 2013

The Popemobile, Vatican City, August 2013.

From inside St. Peter’s Basilica.

Debt Ceiling (Color), Florence Italy, August 2013

The carousel at Piazza Repubblica.

Looking Back, Rocky Mountain National Park CO, July 2012.

Il Mercato, Florence Italy, August 2013